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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 21, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:bay area gridlock.thanks to >> reporter:tonight: what it will take to get the trains back on track.and why area business owners are hoping it's sooner rather than later. >> reporter: authorities answering some tough questions after two men are hit and killed on bart tracks. what they're saying about their investigation. disturbing new details about the death of a woman at san francisco general. why the hospital is feeling more heat. and everyone in the world wants to know who this 4- year-old is. >> reporter:we'll show you why she's drawing so much attention. (male announcer): this is
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the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: happening now at 8-- >> catherine: day four of the bart strike. and there are hints that an announcement may be coming soon. bart management and its unions have been talking. and while it may be too late to get trains running for the morning commute.there 'has' been progress.. we begin our team coverage tonight with kron 4's dan kerman. he's live outside m-t-c headquarters in oakland. where both sides are meeting. dan? >> reporter: far from here we know that all sides are close to a deal. at this point all we know it is close. that sad, all sides have been marking hard throughout the day. >> we have work are not lee
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to meet their needs without out compromising there are safety. >> reporter:president roxanne sanchez says her team of negotiatiors is doing all they can to end this strike and reach an agreement? and in fact significant progress has been made >> reporter:the unresolved issues appear to be about work rules and safety? seiu has been caucisng here at their oak street offices all day, while atu and bart mtc heaquarters in separate conference rooms. a federal mediator has been moving between the locations trying to hammer out an agreement which will take these bart workers off the picket lines and put them back to work. >> reporter: atu president antonette bryant was unusually quiet as she returned to the mtc building after a short break? bart spokeswoman alicia trost tweeted if an agreemnt was reached by 6pm
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trains would role for the morning commute. 6pm came and went, but just after 7 oakland mayor jean quan arrived saying a great announcement would soon be coming. >> reporter: the news media is waiting anxiously waiting to see if they had achieved an agreement. if that opens if that happens we will bring it to you. people in the bay area have >> catherine: been forced to look for other ways to get where they're going. and a lot of them have been using busses and casual carpooling. kron4's charles clifford is live at the transbay terminal in san francisco. how does it look tonight,
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charles? >> reporter: just about in half hour ago, things have started to come down. the morning commute and also afternoon commute were very heavy down here. trying to use casual car pools, getting a ride home. even though it seemed like it possibly could be a solution or finished on to this strike in sight. they're still a lot of frustrated people down here. >> people have a lot of places to go and get to this is nonsense. >> i understand why they had to do it but i was 45
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minutes late for work and i have to wait to get home and i've been on my feet all day. i un know that other people filled the same way. >> reporter: trows clifford kron 4 mayors >> catherine: the bart strike is hurting lots of people -- not just commuters. it's been particularly tough on some independent buisnesses. new tonight at 8-- kron 4's john fenoglio shows us how the strike is taking its toll at the cash register. >> reporter:the bart strike is having an impact on local buisnesses. >> i think a lot of people are avoiding downtown altogether. working from home it is frustrating for a
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small business. >> reporter: that's jonathan levin. owner of cable car clothiers. the oldest men's retail store in san francisco. >> reporter:at sam's grill. management says buisness is so slow, it wasn't worth the commute from the east bay for some of their staff. >> >>"here in the financial district during the lunchtime rush, customers usually line the alleyway to order a sandwich from the takeout window at golden west. today, though, you can see that there are hardly any customers at all." >>".when bart is running." >> the streets are empty. our sales will definitely be floor. low or
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>> reporter:"all of the folks i spoke with out here expressed the same sentiment. they say they are tired and frustrated with the strike, and that they want it to end soon so that they can get back to business. std." >> reporter:people ready for the strike to end. >> reporter:bart strike. you are my excuse if i'm late for anything this week. >> reporter:two hours and ten minutes. total door-to- door commute this morning. takes one hour when bart is running. #bartstrike >> reporter:stay connected with kron-4 for the latest on the bart strike. you can get the latest on kron-4 dot com. also - our facebook and twitter pages. you can also download our mobile app to get push alerts for the latest bart information. we'll continue to monitor the latest developments. and bring you live updates throughout this newscast.
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>> a male student came to the school with a semi automatic handgun. shooting to students and teacher before turning the gun on himself. himself." >> catherine: a shooting at a middle school near reno today. two people are dead. and the community tonight - is asking how and why it could happen. kron 4's j.r. stone is live near reno -- and has the latest on the police investigation. j-r? >> reporter: fact that those two middle school students that were shot are in stable condition this
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evening. the last two hours the miniscule have been able to drop off flowers in light candles of in memory of the tube that died. >> reporter: clean up crews spraying down the area where a middle school student opened fire on classmates and a teacher. >> reporter:seventh grader faith evans was there on this blacktop before school monday.before officers could be seen running every which way. >> reporter:police say one boy was shot in the shoulder, another in the stomach. both now in stable condition. faith says her math teacher mike landsberry, a veteran who has served several tours in afghanistan, tried to help. >> he was trying to tell the guy to put the gun down. but hit the boy shot him and
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i was very upset. >> reporter:landsberry was shot and killed. faith said after hearing the shots she ran with her friends to the nearby elementary school. as to what she knows about the shelter. shelter.hooter. >> ".a humanity issue" >> catherine: ahead at eight. the family of a woman whose body was found in the stairwell of a hospital say they're shocked by asaw the body - but did nothing. and a little girl is at the center of an international
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mystery. police in greece believe she was abducted.but now they don't know how to find her parents. >> catherine: and next - the investigation into the accident that killed two bart workers. >> jacqueline: the command was no fun out there today. we do see clear skies now i will have more on that coming up in al later in the show
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developing tonight. >> catherine: developed in tonight. we now know the person driving a bart train that hit and killed 2 bart employees this weekend was a trainee. it happened saturday near the pleasant hill station. and as kron four's scott rates repots - the n-t-s-b
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now is now investigating. >> reporter:the ntsb spending the day monday interviewing bart employees, trying to figure out why and how larry daniels and chris sheppard were stuck by a train killing them both. >> reporter:lead ntsb investigator james southworth flanked by his team on either side answering questions from reporters monday afternoon questions like, how fast the train was going, and who was in the operators compartment at the time of the accident >> reporter:the ntsb does confirm that the train was in an automatic mode, but would not comment on if all the bart employees were following procedure when the accident happened. >> and was there to do training into were trainees.
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>> reporter:we have also learned that an emergency stop was pressed just before the accident, and that the video shot from the inside of the train has been sent to a washington d.c lab for processing the ntsb saying this is just the beginning of a long investigation into how these two men died >> these things happened and basically in an instant we have to take a look at it and it is quite a lot of time. >> reporter:now investigators tell me they will be interviewing members of bart's management team during the day onots >>new tonight at 8--- >> catherine: another twist into the investigation of a body found in the stairwell at san francisco general hospital. kron 4's justine waldman talked to lynne spalding's friends about new allegations saying an
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employee saw a person slumped in the stairwell and nothing was done about it. >> reporter: an orderly at s f general told and nurse that he sought and found unconscious moment in the stairwell about one week before they sit out spaldeens body. the news this paper also reported that they saw twice the one going up the steps and won going down the steps. this has not been confirmed. her family is out reach. out reached raged! >> reporter: it is unclear if the deputy effort
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checked the stairwell or went to the car wrecked stairwell. >> my heart goes up to the professionals m sure they're a lot of people who are upset about this spirit but those two institutions have very very hard questions to answer for when spalding's family. >> reporter: posting on is block site that it is committed to finding out what happened so that it will never happen again. this would have a good samaritan rolling in his grave friends of lynne spalding are deeply disturbed by a new report in the sf chronicle that says an orderly at sf general hospital told a nurse he saw an unconscious woman in a stairwell, about 1 week *before authorities found spalding's body the 57 year old had been missing for 17 days. the newpaper also reports. the orderly saw the
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body twice, once going down the stairs the other going up. sf general has not confirmed the passed out person the employee saw is spalding. even so, her family is outraged. >> catherine: it could be a sad case of like mother, like daughter. vivian vosburg is under arrest on suspicion of child abuse and child neglect. her daughter, guadalupe shaw, has also been arrested - accused of bullying another girl, who later committed suicide. >> reporter: a surprising video showing the van shelton in yelling at six kids. it would being child abuse and neglect. milan but authorities contributed to a suicide of 12 your old of rebecca said wick.
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boz burke said two boys were having a fight and she was trying to break them up. she added that she was having a bad day. the one in the video is a far cry from the concern mother that she was sure her mother and her daughter was wrongfully accused. >> they are punishing my daughter for something they say she did over the internet. and i knew that-i know that my daughter would not do anything like that. >> reporter: sure states that they easily located this video on facebook. the two cases are unrelated. what the mother allegedly did was caught on video, and posted online. chris cuomo has the story. >>the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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>> reporter:harsh words from polk county sheriff grady judd for the mom of an alleged teenaged bully, after he saw this: >>what the hell's wrong with you, stupid? >> reporter:a disturbing video showing vivian vosburg punching and screaming at six kids, ranging in age from nine to 14. child abuse and neglect. >> vivian, do you have anything to say to rebecca's family. >> reporter:the mom was arrested just five days after vosburg's daughter 14- year-old guadalupe shaw was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking, bullying that authorities say contributed to the suicide of 12-year- attorney denies that charge. >> reporter:according to an affidavit from the polk county sheriff's department, vosburg said two boys were having a fight and she was just trying to break them up. she added that she was - quote - "having a bad day." >> what the bleep is wrong >> reporter:the woman in this video is a far cry from the concerned sure that her daughter was wrongly accused.
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>> catherine: nearly two dozen members of the arizona air national guard are facing felony charges they're accused of cheating the federal government out of 1-point-4 million dollars. the guardsmen were part of a unit which operated predator drones over iraq and afghanistan. >> catherine: authorities say they falsified records using fake home addresses in order to collect money intended for others. some of them allegedly pocketed more than 100- thousand dollars in pay beyond what they should have earned. >> catherine: beach visitors in sonoma county and beyond are being warned to be careful of what's known an "sneaker" waves -- as well as strong currents. sneaker waves are big waves that crash onto shore with sometimes sweeping people out to sea. >> jacqueline: keeping things cool near the coast line. still in the '60s for bay shores but more away from the coast line with low eighties in inland valleys. we will not see much change in the next couple of days but at the end up the week a storm will approach with more clout coverage and showers. we'll
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talk more about that at 845. >> catherine: >> catherine: the national weather service has issued a beach hazards warning through tomorrow afternoon for sonoma county through southern monterey county. visitors are being reminded to keep their eyes on the ocean. and fishermen are being told not to fish from rocks and jetties. >> catherine: still ahead--- we're monitoring the latest developments in the bart strike. both sides are still talking. we'll have a live update.. >> catherine: also - singer ceelo green is booked into jail. the serious charge he's facing. >> gary: we will also give you the warriors in china! a little bit later!
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>> catherine: if you want to sell an i-pad -- you'd better do it soon. apple is expected to debut a new i-pad tomorrow. that will send prices for the older models to fall. last year, trade-in values for the ipad dropped four percent when apple announced its latest-model.that was last october. and prices later fell another 10 percent. stay tuned to kron 4 for the big announcement. our tech reporter gabe slate will join us in the studio tomorrow night at 8 with all the details >> catherine: singer ceelo green won't be charged with sexual assault. but he's still facing a felony. the l-a district attorney says he slipped ecstasy into a woman's drink while at a restaurant last year. the two later went back to the woman's hotel. >> catherine: prosecutors eventually decided there was not enough evidence to file sexual assault charges. but he's facing one count of furnishing a controlled substance. green pleaded not guilty -- he'll be back in court november 20-th.
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>> reporter: what we know about her where she was found? and how police think she may have gotten there. >> catherine: also ahead at eight. a day of fishing turned into a fight for survival >> reporter: coming up! and the next addition of people behaving badly.
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table. we're live with an update. commuters are increasingly frustrated. >> reporter: on kron 4 and facebook as well most bart stations look like this. frustrated people are saying that they will boycott bart like jones. even if it runs surgery is better. he will
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convert politician have been some are aware teen were could change again down mobile received scholer spirited a lot of you are sounding off about your bart strike what you're saying. grant? olie: please! i can't afford just 3 hours of sleep, trying to function at work, >> catherine:
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raid. >> is no sugarcoating at separate the web site has been slow and people have been given spot during the process. no one is more upset that i am. >> the product, the health insurance is good. the prices are good. it is a good deal. >> reporter: half a million people have applied for obama care for the applications. >> we have people working overtime, 247 to address the problem. >> reporter: technical the is stealing is receiving
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criticism on both side. >> this is a fiasco it is ridiculous >> they are working to correct that >> reporter: reminding everyone is just three weeks into a six month open enrollment how two fisherman stayed alive. after their sailboat capsized. r >> catherine: now that are looking for her parents. i love watching tv outside.
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>> catherine: >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. the >> reporter: and >> catherine: bandit they have a deal? >> catherine: dan do they have a deal? >> reporter: they have to meet with bart face-to-face across the table but this is a very good signed we believe that they are bringing in a tentative agreements. but are the only ones that are not in this building. bart management is inside this building. it looks like we are one step closer catherine as three dozen of them walking down the street marching in to the building and headed upstairs with what we believe is a tentative agreement that needs to be signed off on. that would be
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enough to get the trains rolling again but a good positive steps so far appeared will let you know. the next thing would be an announcement. >> catherine: sold basically, everyone is in one place, finally. >> reporter: we are waiting for everyone to do the signing and make the announcement appeared that could happen in the next 10 minutes for the next two hours. we would have to wait and see >> catherine: grant?
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>> jacqueline: the falk clearing back to the coast line by noon it will stay at the close tomorrow. still want to run our inland valleys with the low eighties and seventies in the south and north bay. rest of the week increase in cloud come friday because a
8:47 pm
storm track as well to the north of us but this will peace will break off. they could bring us showers. that could change the next couple of days slightly cooler through the weekend. >> catherine: the sharks tried to remain the only team and the end h l that will lose a game in team and the end h l that will [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:hello every one! >> gary: the only team not to lose in the in at h l in regulations. in the meantime york and members of the organization will get together with some of the local kids49ers players and
8:52 pm
coaches conducted a coaching clinic with local school kids at tottenham hotspur socer team's training facility in london's enfield borough. >> gary: colin kaeprnick watched the youngsters toss around the football >> when fans come to the stadium there are still separated from the organized asian and players. if you can't act as a catalyst for a sports organization and do things that are surrounded by kids and community causes you can bring your fans together. >> gary: there was a jersey exchange between 49ers co- chairman daniel levy. here's york on giving back >> gary: they did soccer here with san francisco i
8:53 pm
lived over here a long, long time and we would watch the end f l a highlights on channel 4. >> gary: who does not what for? will miss the rest of the >> gary: 19 to 49 only a hundred and 40 yds. eight k. the white rheingau was working on a soybean farm on wednesday now scorned and half shell touchdowns for the giants. >> gary: season after tearing the acl in his right knee last night
8:54 pm
>> gary: have not gone his way will miss the rest of the season with a torn ac delco john acl >> catherine: wayne was injured in the fourth quarter as he tried to come back and catch a low pass. quarterback andrew luck blamed himself after the game saying it was a bad pass >> gary: wayne became the 9th player with 1,000 or more career catches just last week he had started 189 consecutive games the warriors home from a week in china. sh >> gary: the warriors recently concluded a week in china on the court they did well beating the lakers in beijing and shanghai but they also had a lot of fun off the court visiting landmarks like the great wall
8:55 pm
>> gary: but most of all they spent a lot of time with the children visiting schools holding basketball clinics even playing some ping pong as for the team's growth on the court mark jackson said the trip was a great success i think we got better. the game in shanghai we shared the basketball. heyman and played well. i thought it was a great experience overall. some >> gary: known one would know if you did not want to go.
8:56 pm
>> gary: when you are getting ready for a year but that is my educated guess. i cannot prove it. i just know that someone said it to me. >> catherine: you want to go to shanghai (laughter) >> gary: if i stay here and i know that i am on top of the situation. >> gary: i funds thing right here at kron. i am staying right here >> gary: ddger manager don mattingly indicated today he's not sure if he will be back as manager despite having one year remaining on his contract. >> gary: jim leyland is stepping down as manager of the detroit tigers after 8 seasons in detroit annoucing the move two days after the tigers were eliminated from the alcs by
8:57 pm
boston in six games. leyland led detroit to the world series twice and the tigers have won the last three a.l. central titles. was 700-597 with the tigers he's also managed thepittsburgh pirates, florida marlins and colorado rockies. he won the world series in 1997 with florida. >> catherine: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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